We are back! – August 29th, Hepicat’s Grand Rebirth

In 2013, Hepicat began as a project to connect Black people from across the Americas through the creation of a heiroglyphic writing system called Ki-Kala.
We wanted to create symbols that shared the stories and philosophy of Africans in the new world, and in keeping with our traditions, wear our stories on our clothing, and adorn buildings with them.

We started out with a lot of ancestor wisdom, energy, and small batch of t-shirts in Algiers Point, across the Mississippi River from New Orleans out the parlor of Black Star Books and Caffe (800 Belleville St, New Orleans, LA 70114)

from 2014 to 2017, we grew from New Orleans to Minneapolis, Chicago, and Nairobi and found family in among the warriors, artists, healers, and strivers there. Since Hepicat started, we’ve received an outpouring of love and support. Your energy has helped us to get to this point of revival in 2017.

On August 29th we will celebrate the rebirth of Hepicat, on this day, the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina–the event that sparked the creation of this project. Hepicat will offer a new line of Afrofuturist streetwear, along with services in graphic design, communications, and community building. Our project is evolving, but our mission remains the same: to celebrate and channel the enduring vitality and soul of Black people across the globe.

Watch this space, stand with us, and come back on August 29th to holla at us!


Jaga Gola
Founder & Creator, Hepicat

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