Who We Are

HEPICAT. We are a community building enterprise whose mission is to bring together the Black Diaspora in the Americas through creating a common language.

HEPICAT. We are international community of warriors, scholars, artists, educators, and entrepreneurs dedicated to improving conditions in Africa and her Diaspora.

HEPICAT. We help to tell the stories of Africans in the New World by giving our legacies a language.

HEPICAT. We give courage and armor to people creating movements.


Founded in New Orleans-Algiers, Louisiana 2013 by Dane Verrtah, Hepicat is a creative cooperative and agency focused on building platforms for Black audiences through cultural engagements, community building, and clothing.

Hepicat’s purpose is to create and spread a heiroglyphic writing system called Ki-Kala to people throughout Black communities in the Americas, in order to give our legacies a language, so that we can begin to communicate with one another in new ways and begin healing ourselves from centuries of surviving the creation of the “New World.”


We are back! – August 29th, Hepicat’s Grand Rebirth

In 2013, Hepicat began as a project to connect Black people from across the Americas through the creation of a heiroglyphic writing system called Ki-Kala. We wanted to create symbols that shared the stories and philosophy of Africans in the new world, and in keeping with our traditions, wear our stories on our clothing, and …


Want to talk with us? Please reach out to us at info@wehepicat.com